Who Are we?

03 October 2013

Climate research requires accurate data about our oceans. The U.S. Global Ocean Carbon and Repeat Hydrography program and its dedicated scientists, researchers, and staff are responsible for obtaining and processing some of these data.

Oceanographic research ships carry science teams across the world's oceans to collect water samples which are then measured, documented and analyzed in fully functional onboard labs and ashore. All the data are sent to data centers.

The crew members must conduct their work in a self-sufficient and isolated environment. The science team at sea must attend to myriad details, while maintaining the intellectual curiosity that motivates them to unravel the mysteries of our environment. Even with measurements that seem routine, there is a degree of spirit of adventure.

The scientists onboard an oceanographic cruise work together with capable and highly trained support staff to ensure that data collection operates as smoothly as possible, despite the unpredictable nature of work at sea. Committed to providing high quality data collection, these scientists contribute their efforts to the important mission of understanding and healing our planet.

Here you will learn more about the people and technologies involved with the measurements, and the stories behind them.

Life at Sea

What we Do