27 September 2006

re: I8S/I9N “final” schedule

Dear I8S/I9N participants and other interested people:

We have carefully examined the CLIVAR/CO2 I8S/I9N cruise plans vis-à-vis the preliminary schedule from SIO for R/V Roger Revelle.

The Captain of R/V Roger Revelle has calculated the steaming time from Dunedin, New Zealand, to the first I8S station, taking into account expected winds, currents, seas, and ice conditions. His estimate is 14 days. Together with our plan for the remainder of Leg 1, this makes Leg 1 a total of 43 “UNOLS” days at sea.

Our recalculation of the Leg 2 (I9N) cruise plan leads us to request 42 UNOLS days at sea for that leg.

The previous schedule from SIO had enough days in it, but distributed differently. Hence we requested to move the Perth/Fremantle port stop originally 21-25 March to 20-24 March. No other change is needed.

Our revised schedule is shown below. SIO Ship Scheduling has agreed to this.

There is a UNOLS ship scheduling meeting next week. No changes to this schedule are expected. Of course, changes are possible, for example due to an unplanned and urgently needed repair.

Best Regards,
Janet & Jim

PS from Jim for Leg 1 participants: Yes, 14 days is a very long steam. Be sure to take this into account in your planning. Thanks!


31 JAN 2007, 1200 local time

R/V Revelle available to begin loading for I8S/I9N, Dunedin, New Zealand (probably best to wait until 01 February to actually start our loading)

06 FEB 2007, 1600 local time

depart Dunedin, NZ, for I8S (we expect a steam of nearly 14 days to the first I8S station)

LEG 1 (I8S):

87 stations
2830 rosette water samples
44 trace metal casts

20 MAR 2007, 0800 local time

arrive Perth/Fremantle, Australia
(we expect a steam of ca. 4 days after the final I8S station)

24 MAR 2007, 1600 local time

depart Perth/Fremantle for I9N
(we expect a steam of ca. 4 days to the first I9N station)

LEG 2 (I9N):

105 stations
3583 rosette samples
53 trace metal casts

04 May 2007, 0800 local time

arrive Colombo, Sri Lanka
(we expect a steam of ca. 4 days after the final I9N station)

06 May 2007, 1200 local time

all I8S/I9N personnel, equipment, AND HAZMATS to be off R/V Revelle;
labs and quarters cleaned, etc.