Dear R/V Roger Revelle I8S/I9S Participants and Interested Parties,

A reminder that the pre-cruise meeting will be Wednesday, 13 September 2006. We have our meeting participants lined up. I believe I have responses from “Level I” and “Level 2” groups regarding hazmats, vans, personnel, etc. THANKS!!

By the way, your well-organized, informative responses to my request for pre-cruise information reminded me - as if I needed reminding! - what a pleasure it is to work with you.

[14C - We know you need the usual poison, so will fold that in. Please let me know, if you can, any other item(s) you really hope can be loaded in San Diego. If you end up not getting funded, it's easier to take you off the cruise list later.]

[Steve Emerson, Roberta Hamme or programs not listed below: If you or your group are planning to participate, please send this information to me by September 12th. Thanks.]

[Craig Carlson - Any other Level 3 groups I have forgotten?]

Regarding personnel sent to sea, I remind you that during Leg 1 we may experience rough seas, with periods of unpleasant ship motion. The ship will be very remote from ports. This is therefore not a good leg on which to send personnel inexperienced in working in high sea state conditions.

Best Regards,
Jim Swift


Right now is not a good time to make irrevocable cruise-related travel plans. On the science side of the planning, Janet and I have independently checked enough of the numbers to be comfortable with the station plan. But in doing this I have looked again at the steaming the Revelle must do during most of leg 1, against wind & current, and in potentially high seas. If the average speed in Southern Ocean waters is less than in my original calculation, this would require an extra day or two on leg 1. But there was already a small discrepancy between the science plan and ship schedule. This is all a long way of stating that after the pre-cruise meeting and the UNOLS scheduling meeting this month you can expect a slightly modified, updated R/V Roger Revelle schedule.


If you plan to have a van on board and it isn’t listed here speak soon!

He/Tr storage van
DIC lab van
trace metals lab van
ODF storage van

BERTHING REQUESTS (? = participation or funding not yet confirmed):

I8S I9N Group / PI(s)
5-6 4-6 chief scientist's team / Swift
0 2-4? foreign observers / Swift
8 8 CTD, routine hydro, data / Swift
0 4 pH & TA / Millero
2 0 TA / Dickson
2 2 DIC / Sabine
3 3 CFCs / Smethie & Bullister
1 1 He & Tr / Schlosser & Jenkins
1? 1? 14C / McNichol (awaiting funding confirmation)
2 2 CDOM, etc. / Nelson et al.
1 1 DOM / Hansell
4-5 4-5 trace metals / Measures & Landing
1? 1 ADCP & LADCP / Firing? and Thurnherr (I9N)
1? 1? trace gases? / Emerson? and/or Hamme?
1 1 R/V Revelle computer technician
1 1 R/V Revelle resident technician
32-35 36-41 Total each leg

R/V Roger Revelle has a maximum of 37 berths for the people on this list. So Leg 2 (I9N) may be subject to some trimming, or may be OK. More on that as the at-sea program develops.