All Persons Shipping I8S/I9N Cargo to Dunedin, New Zealand:

  1. It is your responsibility to read and follow all instructions and guidelines in

    We note especially:

    You must get copies of your shipping manifest plus bill of lading or air way bill to the agent, to the vessel Master, to the SIO Marine Superintendent, and the SIO Resident Technician Group. In particular note that “Once your shipment is delivered dockside, it WILL NOT be accepted for loading aboard ship unless the Master is expecting it.” For foreign ports, if you provide these documents to the SIO Marine Superintendent far enough ahead, the SIO Marine Facility can fax or otherwise electronically send these to the Master. But YOU must see that the ship’s agent receives copies.

  2. Please see for New Zealand agent name and contact information.

  3. Please note that all I8S/I9N air shipments to Dunedin will land in Christchurch and then be trucked to Dunedin. Please allow EXTRA DAYS to get your air shipment through NZ customs, loaded onto a truck, shipped to Dunedin, and brought to the dock.

  4. Load dates/times in Dunedin for I8S/I9N:

    31 JAN 2007, 1200 local time

    R/V Revelle available to begin loading for I8S/I9N, Dunedin, New Zealand. This is the earliest you can come onto the ship and begin work. We expect most I8S/I9N loading will begin after breakfast on 01 February. But if the Resident Technician invites major I8S/I9N loading on the afternoon of 31 January, feel free to go for it.
    Your cabins are available the evening of 31 January, if you wish.

    04 FEB 2007, 1600 local time

    depart Dunedin, NZ, for I8S

  5. Please work out who, exactly, is going to see that your Dunedin cargo is loaded onto Revelle, taken to the appropriate location(s) on the ship, installed, and secured for sea. We all help each other out, of course, and the Resident Technicians and crew work very hard, but ultimately the responsibility devolves onto the PI to work out these matters ahead of time. You can take it that if the Resident Technician agrees with your plans, all is well, or well enough, in this regard. The Resident Technicians are always reachable via They really like to know what’s going on - ahead of time!

  6. Remember:

    WOOD in or part of shipment is a problem for New Zealand and Australia. If you have not dealt with this before, find out now what you must do.

  7. Also remember:

    YOU must supply containers for all your hazardous waste for times when the ship is south of 60 °S. No wastes down drains or over the side south of 60S.

    YOU must remove all I8S/I9N items before end-of-unload in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

    YOU must remove all I8S/I9N hazmats, wastes, frozen samples, etc etc etc before end-of-unload in Columbo, Sri Lanka.

  8. Any/every/all exceptions regarding leaving anything on board the ship after end-of-unload in Colombo must be in writing, and agreed to, point by point, by the Master. But first write or talk with the Resident Technician, because the Resident Technician may provide a worthwhile reality check before you approach the Master on this sensitive issue.

    All of these potentially relate to what you load in Dunedin, which is why we mention them here.

    Jim and Janet