I8S/I9N PIs, Participants, and Interested Parties,

If you are involved in any way with the R/V Roger Revelle loading in San Diego 18-30 November - for example if you or someone you have designated intended to load a I8S/I9N hazmat on the ship at that time - please read this and follow through.

Janet and Jim

Loading for the Steve D’Hondt South Pacific marine geology and geophysics cruise will take place at the SIO Marine Facility 18-30 November 2006. This is a major cruise which will use nearly all lab and storage space on the ship, plus fill the berths.

Some I8S/I9N PIs or participants have permission to load specific I8S/I9N items on board during this time. This includes the WHOI Helium van (Dempsey Lott) and a number of hazmats.

The SIO Resident Technician in charge of San Diego loading is Jim Dorrance (restech@sdsioa.ucsd.edu). He will have his hands full with the D’Hondt load. He must know “everything” - what, when, where, who, etc. etc. - to do with I8S/I9N items being sent to and loaded on the ship.

Susan Becker (susan@odf.ucsd.edu) has kindly agreed to work with Jim Dorrance on coordinating I8S/I9N hazmats loaded in San Diego. Jim Swift will provide Susan with all information he has, plus all of you who are shipping hazmats to San Diego for loading here should get in touch with Susan now to make sure she knows about your materials, has all your paperwork, etc.


Who is making certain all your items have arrived at MARFAC? Who is loading your cargo onto the ship? Who is securing it for sea? If you do not know the answers to these questions, you, Jim Dorrance, and Susan Becker need to talk.

Due to prior commitments, Janet Sprintall and Jim Swift are going to be out of town and away from email during all (Jim) or most (Janet) of the 18-30 November load time. Chris Sabine has graciously agreed to be scientist point of contact and final arbiter during load time. If there are problems Jim Dorrance and Susan Becker cannot readily solve, they will consult Chris if needed. Chris will even fly to San Diego if needed, but we do not expect that to arise.

Dr. Christopher L. Sabine
email: chris.sabine@noaa.gov

Just to be clear: Your point of contact for loading in San Diego is Jim Dorrance, with everything regarding hazmats to be provided to Susan Becker.

Meanwhile, all normal regulations & requirements are in force. For example, if you have a radioactive item (e.g. GC detector) to load, Sandy O’Brien (sobrien@ucsd.edu) must be completely satisfied that you have met all requirements. Talk with her; make sure you and she agree.

Interestingly, SIO provides much less on-line information about shipping cruise items to the SIO Marine Facility than it does to foreign ports. I was able to determine that the shipping address for I8S/I9N items to be loaded in San Diego is:

C/O Resident Technician Group
Nimitz Marine Facility
297 Rosecrans Street
San Diego, CA 92106-3505
Please indicate on every box the ship (“R/V Roger Revelle”), the cruise leg (“CLIVAR/I8S/I9S”), and the specific PI and scientific program (e.g. “Sabine/DIC”) in which the shipped items are to be used.

There are many I8S/I9N groups loading hazardous items in San Diego, plus several groups from the D&rsqou;Hondt leg, with overlap of various chemicals between groups. PLEASE: See that your chemicals [and shipments] are copiously labeled as noted above. You might even color-code your items.

Please send copies of your cargo manifests, and bills of landing or air way bills, to the Resident Technician and to the Marine Superintendent, to arrive in their hands before your shipment arrives in San Diego.

Their contact information:

Jim Dorrance
Resident Technicians Group
Capt. Thomas Althouse
Marine Superintendent

both are at US mail address:

9500 Gilman Dr.
La Jolla, CA 92093-0705