Submerged Rosette
  Atlantic Repeat Changes 11/2003 - 09/2004 WHPO Home   
Line ExpoCode Date Modified Data Type Public Web Summary
AR01 31RBOACES24N_2 7/1/2004 SALNTY Yes Yes Values not reported, flag changed to "9"
AR05 18HU91007_1 11/6/2003 DOC Yes Yes New text doc online
AR07E 64TR90_3 11/5/2003 DOC Yes Yes New text doc online
AR07W 18HU2001022_1 8/17/2004 DOC Yes Yes New PDF, Text docs online
AR15 35A3ROMANCHE_3 3/12/2004 CTD/SUM Yes Yes Data reformatted/online & Clarification request
AR15 35A3ROMANCHE_3 2/5/2004 CTD Yes Yes Data reformatted/online, doc also online
AR15 06MT41_3 2/18/2004 CTD/SUM Yes Yes Data reformatted/online
AR16 29CSMORENA 1/5/2004 CTD/SUM Yes Yes Corrected errors in ctd/sum; ctd .zip .sum files online
AR16 29CSMORENA 11/20/2003 BTL Yes Yes Qual 2 flags; reformatted by WHPO
AR16 29CSMORENA 12/16/2003 CTD Yes Yes Reformatted AR16_e CTD files into WOCE; exchange & netCDF created
AR16 29CSMORENA 1/6/2004 CTD/BTL Yes Yes Remade exchange and netCDF files
AR16 29CSMORENA 12/30/2003 CTD/SUM Yes Yes Various correction in CTD and SUM files
AR18 74AB62A 1/21/2004 CTD/SUM Yes Yes 2 SUM files combined, CTD file updated to correspond
AR25 06MT45_4 11/3/2003 SUM/CTD/BTL Yes Yes Minor edits made for conversion
AR25 06MT45_4 8/17/2004 DOC Yes Yes New PDF & text cruise reports online