A first time primer for reading netcdf files V3

Nathan Bindoff

Antarctic CRC

University of Tasmania

GPO Box 252-80

Hobart, 7001



1.0 Why use netCDF for CD ROM 3.0 of WOCE Global Data set?

2.0 Using ncBrowse to read netCDF file

3.0 Using MATLAB to read netCDF file

4.0 Using IDL to read netCDF files

5.0 Using FORTRAN to read neCDF files

6.0 Using C to read netCDF files

7.0 Other methods and examining netCDF files

8.0 Important Web sites

Appendix 1: Readnet.for created from cdf2fortran

Appendix 2: Example matlab script for current meter data

Appendix 3: Example output from ncdump

Appendix 4: Bug in gennet.for