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Non-public data on this site are ASCII encrypted using Phil Zimmerman's PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) software. We chose this method of encryption since it is the best public domain, multi-platform software of its kind available today.

All "keys" (or passwords) are created by the WHP Office and are jointly held by the Office and each of the principal investigators listed in the tables associated with each cruise. To decrypt each file, contact the investigator directly to get the key and/or permission to use their data. If the investigator does not have the key, but gives permission to use the data, the WHP Office will send a decrypted version of the data file to the requestor.

How to Obtain the PGP Software Click here to get specific information on how to use PGP to decrypt WHPO datafiles.

Frankly, this is an experiment. The PGP software is available for nearly all modern computer operating systems, but we are not permitted to distribute the PGP software ourselves. If you do obtain the proper permissions to use a file but are unsuccessful in decrypting it, please contact Steve Diggs • 858-534-1108 for further assistance.