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Points of interest on the: 01 Deck

  • Aft Deck
  • The two CTD winches, each with 10,000 meters of 3-conductor armored cable) are located here.
  • Crew Staterooms
  • Galley
  • The ship's two cooks prepare three meals per day, served cafeteria style, for the 58 persons on board (21 officers and crew and up to 37 in the science team). Self-service "mid-rats", i.e. leftovers and other food for those coming onto watch at midnight, are also available, as are round-the-clock snacks, fruit, cold drinks, coffee, and more. The food is great!
  • Library
  • A quiet lounge area with lots of books available. A good place to study. Because it open to the mess, "all-hands" meetings are held in this area.
  • Lounge
  • A quiet room to have dessert, talk with friends, watch movies, or catch a nap.
  • Mess Room
  • Where everybody eats. There is not enough room for everyone to eat at once, so one eats and then leaves for the library or the lounge for after-meal conversation. Tables can be covered with a sticky mat to help keep items from sliding, but in heavy seas you hold on to your plate.
  • Weight Room
  • Contains a mat, bench and weights for exercise.
  • Winch Shack

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