Explore R/V Revelle's 1st Platform

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Points of interest on the: 1st Platform

  • Crew Staterooms
  • Engineer's Stores
  • The ship's engineers keep some of their spare parts inventory here.
  • Engineer's Workshop
  • Gym
  • The gym contains a treadmill and an exercise bike, plus a smattering of other exercise equipment. (There is a stair stepper and a weight room elsewhere.)
  • Main control Room
  • The central control room for the ship, run by the ship's engineers.
  • Science Staterooms
  • Two persons per cabin, with most cabins sharing a head (bathroom) with another cabin. Except for the three forward-most cabins, which suffer from noise from the bow thruster, these are some of the most-often-requested scientific staterooms (especially the 6 aft-most ones).
  • Scientific Stores
  • Accessed (at the dock) via a hatch in the deck, long-term storage for scientific cargo and empty shipping boxes. (The stair-stepper exercise machine is here, too.)
  • Switchboard Room
  • The ship's electrical panels are here - it's an electric ship, so there is a lot of power to be handled here.
  • Propulsion Motor Room
  • The out-of-the-water half of the ship's two big electric Z-drives are located here.
  • Upper Engine Room
  • Winch Room
  • The massive winches and drums for the heaviest scientific cables are located here, with the cables fed up through the deck to the A-frame and other locations on the main deck.

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