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Points of interest on the: Main Deck

  • A-Frame
  • Bio-Analytic Lab
  • A general purpose laboratory which is well suited for chemical and biological analyses. It has some of the best temperature control on the ship but is relatively isolated from the sampling room and farther forward (more pitch in heavier seas). On I8S we had the helium extraction equipment set up in this lab.
  • Bosun's Locker
  • Computer Room
  • The data "nerve center" of the ship. Contains the multibeam sonar system, the computers and displays for the various underway data systems, the ship's main computers, the ADCP computers, and the equipment for network and communications support. On the I8S cruise, we set up the deck units, displays, and computers for the main and trace metal CTD systems, the data processing computers, and the LADCP computer here.
  • Crane
  • Dark Room
  • Electronics Shop
  • Electronics Stores
  • Fantail and Starboard Deck
  • This is the primary outdoors science working area. If an instrument is to go over the side of the ship, it is launched from one of the work areas here. Large "garage doors" open to the staging bay, and there is a double-wide hatch leading to the main lab. Cranes, the A-frame, overhead CTD booms, and other equipment are used to handle equipment and the cables from the scientific winches. Up to four lab and/or science storage vans can be located on the main deck. On I8S we had lab vans here for trace metals, dissolved inorganic carbon, and CFC ("freon") analyses.
  • Hydro Lab
  • A general use lab well outfitted for chemistry, though suited for many other uses. There is access to the ship's scientific ("uncontaminated") seawater system, a fume hood, and an assortment of benches, plus good access to the fantail. On the I8S cruise, we had the nutrient autoanalyzer, oxygen autotitrator, salinometer, and underway pCO2 system, and alkalinity titrators in this lab.
  • Main Lab
  • A large, general purpose lab with support for a wide variety of uses. As with all the labs, the main lab is outfitted with "unistrut" mounting hardware on the bulkheads (walls) and overhead (ceiling), plus there are bolt holes at 2-foot spacing on the deck. The ship carries a wide assortment of build-it-yourself bench hardware, bench tops, power strips, and so forth so that each lab can be customized for the cruise at hand. On I8S the aerosol and CDOM groups located here, along with one of the CFC analytic rigs (the other was in a lab van). We also stored the Argo floats in this lab, and set up equipment for dissolved organic carbon filtering and other uses.
  • Science Office
  • Science Hold
  • A convenient location to store boxes of samples, empty shipping boxes, and other similar items. It can be accessed via an overhead hatch as well as simply walking in from the main deck corridor.
  • Small Crane
  • Staging Bay (Rosette Room)
  • A large double-high space, sheltered from the weather, opening to the starboard and aft main deck. With internal gantry crane, large "garage doors", lots of lights, power, & compressed air lines. This is where the large 36-place rosette is prepared for deployment before a cast and sampled after a cast.
  • Temperature-Controlled Chambers
  • These are configurable as walk-in scientific refrigerators or freezers. (On I8S we had one configured for each.) Both are outfitted as laboratories, though on I8S they were used for sample storage only. The ship also carries one or more deep-cold scientific freezers that can maintain samples at -80°C.
  • Wet Lab
  • Just what it says. Located just forward of the staging bay, this is a good location to bring wet gear or sampling containers from the staging bay, or to stage sample boxes and equipment to take to the staging bay.

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