Explore R/V Revelle's 2nd Platform

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Points of interest on the: 2nd Platform

  • Ballast
  • Bow Thruster
  • Chilled Stores
  • A giant walk-in refrigerator. It's filled to overflowing on long cruises.
  • Dry Stores
  • Storage for canned, boxed, and other dried food.
  • Engine Room
  • The engine room is a 2-deck space in the deepest reaches of the ship. It contains the diesel engines, the electric generators they drive, and much of the other ship's mechanical equipment. It is hot & noisy, but reasonably clean. It is off limits to the science team except on guided tours.
  • Frozen Stores
  • A giant walk-in freezer. It's extra large so that the ship can stock up.
  • Fuel Oil
  • Laundry Room
  • 2 washers and 4 dryers. All hands do their laundry here.
  • Linen Locker
  • Ship's Stores
  • Non-food storage.
  • Store Room
  • Non-food storage.
  • Z-Drive

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