Repeat Hydrography

Data Centers for U.S. Repeat Hydrography Data

To link to all data sets for completed U.S. repeat cruises, please visit Cruise data links at this website.

Summary of Data Center Contact information (to submit data)

CLIVAR and Carbon Hydrographic Data Office:

Bottle data, pressure-sorted profile data

Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center:

Bottle data, underway surface data (pCO2, temperature, salinity)

U.S. SADCP Data Center (NOAA/U. Hawaii):

Archived shipboard ADCP data

U. Hawaii ADCP Data Center :

Shipboard ADCP data and data products

LDEO Lowered ADCP Data Center:

Lowered ADCP data

FSU Surface Meteorology and Fluxes Center:

Shipboard meteorological data

Last Updated 04/22/2006
Lynne Talley