Repeat Hydrography

 Members of the US CLIVAR/
CO2 Repeat Hydrography Oversight Committee 2003

Kenneth Bruland, UC Santa Cruz
Craig Carlson, UC Santa Barbara
Scott Doney, WHOI
Richard Feely, NOAA/PMEL (co-chair)
Nicolas Gruber, UCLA
Greg Johnson, NOAA/PMEL
Terry Joyce, WHOI
Chuck McClain, NASA/Goddard
Frank Millero, RSMAS/U. MIami
Chris Sabine, NOAA/PMEL
Bill Smethie, LDEO
Jim Swift, SIO
Lynne Talley, SIO (co-chair)

Complete contact information for members: download pdf

Contact the committee co-chairmen for information on participation or for incorporation of a Level III measurement or a measurement that is not on the list of Core Measurements:

Richard Feely ( ) and Lynne Talley (

Last Updated 04/30/2003
Lynne Talley