Repeat Hydrography

Objectives of the Repeat Hydrography Effort

  • Data for Model Calibration and Validation

  • Carbon system studies:

    • Changes in anthropogenic carbon inventory

    • Transport of carbon, oxygen and nutrients       

    • Large scale natural and anthropogenic variability of biogeochemical properties 

  • Heat and freshwater storage and flux studies:

    • Divergence of transport-surface fluxes

    • Transport of heat and salt

    • Storage of heat and freshwater

    • Globally changing inventories of heat and freshwater

  • Deep and shallow water mass and ventilation studies:

    • Changes in subduction and formation rates

    • Effective spreading rates

    • Pathways of ventilation

    • Rates of dilution  

    • Water mass ages

  • Calibration of autonomous sensors:

    • ARGO salinity sensors

    • Biogeochemical moorings and floats

    • Relationships between sensors and other properties

Last Updated 04/30/2003
Lynne Talley